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Kakadu - Wool & Tencel

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This one-piece bandana-style scarf is made from a blend of merino wool and tencel, giving it the perfect balance of warmth and lightness with a soft, silky feel. It's a great scarf for all day wear, indoors and out. This scarf is a little more snug around the neck in order to take advantage of its soft feel and gentle warmth.

Knit on a small knitting machine and then hand woven for the tartan effect. This scarf is red, grey and blue..

Each scarf is the same size, but due to the handmade nature there are slight variations in the way each scarf sits, as well as the size of the neck hole. When worn, at its longest point this scarf measures approximately 18" to 20" plus a 4" tassel fringe.

Dry clean or gentle hand wash in cold water recommended.