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Sandy Point - Wool

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Part shawl, part cardigan, this colourful textile is easy to wear and exceptionally comfortable. It sits perfectly over your shoulders and moves with your body, keeping you warm like a light, cozy blanket whilst dressing up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt perfectly.

All are two-tone and can be worn in two directions, depending on which colour you'd like to emphasise or wear close to your face.

Made from 100% wool. Knit on a knitting machine and then hand seamed and hand woven for the tartan effect. This piece is green, grey, black, white and brown.

Each shawl cardigan measures approximately 60" x 28" with a 4" fringe on the ends. 

This is a flexible design that will fit many shapes and sizes. The dress form pictured has a 38" bust, a 27" waist, and is 41" across the shoulder.

Dry clean or gentle hand wash in cold water recommended.