Wittenoom - Bamboo

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This one-piece bandana-style scarf is made from silky, slinky bamboo. Designed for warmer weather, so you can have a beautifully draped pop of colour without feeling too stifled. The bamboo has a lovely cool feeling and a looser fit than my other scarf designs.

It can be worn bandana-style with the point to the front, or turned slightly off centre to accentuate the colour work pattern and the amazing drape of the yarn.

Knit on a small knitting machine and then hand woven for the patterned effect. This scarf is brown, dusty pink and orange.

Each scarf is the same size, but due to the handmade nature there are slight variations in the way each scarf sits and drapes. At its longest point each scarf measures approximately 19" long.

Please allow up to 10 days between placing the order and shipping as scarves may be made to order. For any special requests please email and I'll be happy to help.

Dry clean or very gentle hand wash in cold water recommended.