Here are some answers to common questions, but if you're wondering something I didn't cover here, don't hesitate to get in touch.

How do I wash my scarf?

Wash your scarf in cold water. Put it in a basin or tub with a small amount of liquid soap and very gently agitate it, you might need to empty the water and put fresh water in several times to get all the soap out. Then, lay the scarf flat on a towel, roll up the towel and squeeze to get out any excess water. Dry flat.

If you find your scarf looks at all crinkled, you can either just wear it until the crinkles drop away or wet a pillow case and lay that on top of the scarf on an ironing board. Gently press the iron up and down all over, don't slide the iron just press up and down for a few seconds at a time. This will effectively steam the scarf flat.

Or, if you're not comfortable doing this, you can always send it to your favourite dry cleaner.

What should I do if a thread on my scarf accidentally gets caught on something and pulls?

This happens only very rarely, but it it does happen just send me an email with a photo. I can usually fix anything.

I don't like the feel of wool, which scarf should I get?

The wool I use is a relatively soft wool and doesn't sit too close to the face, but I understand some people are sensitive. My wool and tencel scarves are very soft, the tencel seems to counter any itchiness the cool might case and several customers who don't like the feel of wool have enjoyed these scarves. Alternatively, all my cotton and bamboo scarf will cause zero issues for you.

Which scarves are tighter around the neck and which are looser?

The loosest scarves are the bamboo bandana scarves, followed by the wool bandana scarves. The tightest scarves are the wool and tencel bandana scarves. However, because each scarf is handmade there are variations on the size of the neck hole. If you have any particular requirements or desires please get in touch.

Are your scarves for children?

My scarves are all designed for adults but if sold many to children too, they obviously look bigger on a child but I'm always impressed at how stylishly the kids wear them.

Are they made from old sweaters?

No, I make the fabric myself using a knitting machine. My scarves start out as cones of yarn and I knit them into fabric, then seam the fabric into a scarf shape, then weave in the colourful designs.

How long will it take to ship my scarf?

Most of the time I make a scarf to order, so it will take a maximum of 10 days between you ordering it and my shipping it to you. However, if you have a tighter time frame please get in touch because I can usually get your order out the door faster than that. I ship all orders via USPS.

The scarf I like is sold out, will you be restocking it?

Yes. If a scarf is showing as sold out it just means I'm out of one of the yarns I need to make it and I'll make it available again as soon as my yarn arrives. The only exception is scarves in my sale section, those are all discontinued scarves so I won't be making those again.

Do you make custom scarves?

Yes I do. Custom scarves are fun! Get in touch via the contact page and tell me what you're thinking.

What is your return policy?

Products may be returned or exchanged within 5 days of delivery.

The exchange or refund will be processed upon receipt of the product, provided it is in an unworn and saleable condition.

Please contact madewhereveriam@gmail.com to let me know you wish to return a product and I'll give you the address to ship it to. The customer will cover the cost of shipping products back to me. If you'd like to organise an exchange, I'll cover the cost of shipping the new product to you.