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Leatherwood - Naturally Coloured Wool

Leatherwood - Naturally Coloured Wool

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This easy to wear large scarf is made from 100% naturally coloured wool.

Knit from a light and rustic yarn from the Shetland Islands which is completely undyed, highlighting the natural colours of the sheep's fleece. The woven design is created using a Cormo yarn, naturally dyed in Northern California for a bright and colourful contrast.

Designed to have plenty of warmth and volume without weight or bulk, this is the perfect cool-weather scarf. It slips easy over your head and stays in place, keeping you cozy where you need it.

Knit on a small knitting machine and handwoven to add the colourful patterns. This scarf is white, brown and light grey, with woven details in pink and dark green.

Each scarf is the same size, but due to the handmade nature there are slight variations in the way each scarf sits, as well as the size of the neck hole. When worn, at its longest point this scarf measures approximately 27".

Gentle hand wash in cold water recommended.

Please note, this is a rustic yarn that those sensitive to wool may find itchy. I happily wear my scarf all day and have no issues.

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